MBH Szép Card

In the services of relaxation

Do you want to spend quality time and adventure with your family or friends?

We have a secure solution for this, the MBH SZÉP Card. Its advanced multifunctional capabilities provide MBH SZÉP Cardholders with versatility and convenience.

Why is the MBH Szép Card a good choice?

Free MBH SZÉP Main Card for the Cardholder

A co-card for close relatives can be requested

The card is valid for 5 years

Long expiry period

Nearly 40,000 Points of Acceptance

Can be used for different services

How can I request an MBH SZÉP Card?

You can request the MBH SZÉP Card by concluding the MBH SZÉP Card Contract for Financial Services. You can request it at any of the Bank’s branches or online via VideoBank. The Bank opens a GIRO-eligible limited purpose bank account for the SZÉP Cardholder.

For what and how can the MBH SZÉP Card be used?

The MBH SZÉP Card is similar in appearance and use to bank cards, allowing the cardholder to purchase services from the participating service providers using the MBH SZÉP Card account.

Accommodation, catering and leisure services can be paid with SZÉP Cards.

Points of acceptance may not exchange the balance on the MBH SZÉP Card for cash or a cash substitute payment instrument.

Payments can be made with MBH SZÉP Cards in five different ways:

  • on a bank (POS) terminal
  • with phone authorisation
  • advance payment with authorisation
  • with internet authorisation (on the internet platform of MBH SZÉP Card Card Centre
  • with webshop authorisation (on the Service provider’s website directly)

For further details visit the mbhszepkartya.hu website. The card can be used only by the Card Holder! The card must be activated before use.

Card activation:

  • Through the MBH SZÉP Card mobile app
  • On the Internet at mbhszepkartya.hu in the “Personal hosting” menu.
  • The initial password, if not previously changed by the cardholder in the case of an expiring card, is the date of birth of the holder of the main card (e.g. 19451231), which must be changed after the first login to a password of at least 6 characters, consisting of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
  • By phone at the SZÉP Card Centre every day between 8 and 20 hours: +36 1 238 0361, +36 20 298 7009, +36 30 931 9704, +36 70 779 7699
  • At the MBH SZÉP Card customer service by phone on working days Monday-Friday between 8.00 and 16.00: +36 1 268 7272.


Registered office

1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38.

Mailing address:

1399 Budapest Pf. 651


+36 1 268 7272